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Supported Events

The Refuge is an ideal place for a variety of different faith-based and educational events. Explore some of the most common below or contact us if you have an idea for something out of the box!

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In today’s culture, youth has their backs’ up against a wall. With social media and increasingly secular views, Christianity has become a counterculture movement. With the world trying to pull them further and further from the Bible and Christianity, we must surround youth with Christian community. Being connected is critical in “fighting the good fight;” however, this takes time. Taking a retreat will give the necessary time to begin the community process. With good community and connection, students can begin to take a stand for Christ!


Looking for a new educational experience? We support retreats for home-school, public, and private schools. We believe that alternative learning experiences and time for building friendships in different environments are critical to a student’s well-being. Whether you are looking to take your students on a fun community building trip or provide a unique environment for learning, we are fully equipped to serve your needs! For more specific information, click here!

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Church Leadership

Working in the church or ministry can be challenging! From spiritual attacks to team dynamics, there can be many struggles to overcome. Many times, the best thing is to just take time… Time to pray, time to seek God-given vision, time to reconnect with your ministry team. It is often a struggle to fit this in among the daily responsibilities, so consider taking a retreat that will give you time to intentionally prepare for your next season of ministry. We must not underestimate the power of a praying, prepared, and unified team who will be the hands and feet of Jesus!

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Small Groups

Community is critical to spiritual growth and vitality, which is why small groups are an important part of most churches. We understand that many small groups desire to spend more time together and grow closer, which is why we recommend doing a faith focused retreat together. Unlike traditional church retreats, this retreat can be customized to fit your group individual needs. Although The Refuge can work with single small group, we encourage you to bring multiple groups at a time as there is no shortage of relaxing, cozy meeting spaces and fun, entertaining things to do with your ALL your groups! For recommendations of retreat structure check out our Spiritual Gifts Retreat Initiative.