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The Refuge offers an abundance of both indoor and outdoor activities covering all four seasons. From swimming to sledding and paintball to basketball, there are options for everyone.

Note: Please review our Recreation Policy for special instructions regarding the use of the pool, sledding hill and paintball course. 

Indoor Recreation


The refuge has a variety of of indoor recreation options, including a large gym space that can be used for countless activities.  Major options are as follows:

Ping Pong Table
Carpet Ball
Board & Card Games
Arcade Games


outdoor Recreation


The refuge has a variety of of outdoor recreation options, including large expanses of secluded forest and a large field for almost any outdoor sport or activity.  Major options are as follows:

Swimming Pool
Sledding Hill (video, funny video)
Baseball & Soccer Fields
Gaga Ball Pits
Shooting Range
(Range Policy & Rules)
Hammocks & Bonfire Pits
Hiking Trails (See below)
Paintball (See below)





The Refuge has been blessed with several miles of trails that traverse the entire property.  These trails range in difficulty from an easy stroll to a strenuous hike and include areas of pasture, woods, landmarks and some incredible views.  To help you experience the full beauty of the property we have developed signage and resources to help you navigate these trails.  We hope you enjoy God's Creation to the fullest on your next visit!  


Trail Information

Trail Signs
Signs exist throughout the property at all major trail heads and intersections to help you easily navigate the property.

Trail Map
To support your hiking excursion we have also developed an online map using Google Maps. Check out the map here and use it in real-time during your hike!

Trail Guide
For a printable and detailed description of the entire hiking experience you can download our official Trail Guide found here.




The Refuge sports a recently updated paintball course that comes equipped with many barriers and fun game modes that will keep players engaged and provide them with many opportunities for fun and team building experiences.

Realistic Era Obstacles 

While an individual player may be nimble, obstacles like the anti-vehicle barriers to the left prevent groups of players from running through a main section of the course together, which forces players to create original solutions to overcome their opponents.

Various Game modes

Our paintball course has two bases that players can use in two-team combat. With our 13 foot flagpoles, game modes such as capture the flag become even more exciting, since players have an authentic setup to interact with.

Paintball GuidE

For a printable and detailed description of the paintball games, rules, and booking information, you can download our official paintball guide from the link above.