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There are several places to gather both indoors and out depending on your group size and season.

the living room

This is a great space for small group gatherings.  It provides a true feeling of home with comfortable group seating. 

  • Location - Farmhouse

  • Maximum Capacity - 15+

  • Seating Type - Living Room Furniture

  • Features - TV & DVD Player


The gymnasium

This is the largest indoor meeting space on the property and provides a great space for large groups year round.

  • Location - Green Barn

  • Maximum Capacity - 100

  • Seating Type - Folding Chairs

  • Features - Raised Stage

The white barn

The white barn is another large meeting place with rustic charm.  It is currently unheated and can only be used in the warmer months.

  • Location - Main Floor

  • Maximum Capacity - 60

  • Seating Type - Tables & Benches

  • Features - Carpetball Tables

The Chapel

The Chapel is a great secluded space for small group gatherings.  It has heat, air conditioning and a toilet.

  • Location - Wooded Path
  • Maximum Capacity - 15
  • Seating Type - Couches and Chairs
  • Features - Loft and Bell

The Cabin

The Cabin is another fun secluded space for small groups with true rustic charm.  It is currently unheated and can only be used in the warmer months.

  • Location - Bluff

  • Maximum Capacity - 20

  • Seating Type - Benches

  • Features - Great View & Deck


Small Spaces

The Refuge has several other spaces for small groups of people to meet.
Check out several of these great spots below!