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Event Planning

Here at The Refuge we know that a lot goes into planning a successful retreat or event and in many cases details are critical.  That is why we have provided this informative page to provide you with information and recommendations to help you to quickly and effectively plan every aspect of your event with us!

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Looking to host an event?

The following are the core guidelines and information you will need to be aware of when looking to book an event at The Refuge.

Facilities & Amenities - Each booking at The Refuge includes access to all buildings and facilities and you will be the only group present during your stay.  The only exception to this is the Spring House, which may have one or two people as part of a small prayer retreat.  Food is not provided by the Refuge, but instead access to a full kitchen, grill and dining area.

Guest Min/Max - You are required to have a minimum of 10 guests.  If you have less than 10 guests, you can still reserve the facility but are required to pay the rate assuming you had 10 guests.  The facility sleeps about 40 people comfortably, but we have had groups as large as 100+, which includes people camping or bringing inflatable mattresses.  To better support this we have reduced pricing on groups over 40 people.

Booking - Please fill out our short Booking Request Form, after checking our Availability page to see that your dates are available.  We will then work to get you scheduled promptly.

Payment - Payment for events is done via invoice after the completion of the event.  Acceptable payment methods include check and cash, with specific payment instructions contained within the invoice.

Deposit & Cancellation Policy - Due to our high demand for event requests we require a $250 non-refundable deposit upon booking confirmation, which will be subtracted from your final invoice after event completion. Additionally, rescheduling a previously booked event to a different date within the same 6 month window requires a one-time fee of $75, anything outside of the 6 month window will viewed as a cancellation.

Standard Rates:

  • $35/Person/Night (Up to 40 people)
  • $20/Person/Night (For each person above 40 person group size.)
  • $15/Person/Day (No Limit)
  • $100/Day Paintball Usage Fee (Includes: Guns, Masks, CO2, but no paint.)

Ministry Rates - We do special pricing for Christian Ministry Events as part of our partner program, especially those geared towards youth.  To see if your organization and event qualifies for discounts and priority booking, describe your event goals and organization in the "Nature of Use" and "Additional Information" sections within the booking request form.

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preparing for your event?

Every event has two major components, including logistics and content.  The Refuge does not provide any content or programming for your retreats or events, but instead spaces that help you effectively facilitate your own tailored retreats.  That said, we have provided here a number of helpful resources for you to help in planning both the logistics and content of your retreat.  

LOGISTICS - Every event has the same core logistical components including lodging, meeting, dining and recreation.  All of these retreat aspects are covered at a high level on this website.  That said, there are usually countless details that go into every one of these areas.  That is why we have produced a comprehensive CAMP GUIDE that is a MUST read for anyone planning an event.  Additionally, there are numerous other important logistical resources located in the "Important Documents" section below.

CONTENT - As stated earlier, we do not provide any content or programming for your retreats, but we do have some helpful thoughts and recommendations in the form of online resources.  The most significant of these being our Discipleship Catalyst Retreat concept document.  To learn more about these resources see the "Retreat Strategy & Content Resources" section below.

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completed an event?

You will be receiving an e-mail with an invoice and payment instructions shortly after your stay and can make payments via cash or check.

Event Impact & Stories
We ask that all Ministry Groups fill out this form about your event, which is vital to what we do: Event Summary Form   
We would also appreciate it if you would upload any group pictures or videos you have here: Media Upload

Social Media
We at the Refuge love to hear and see how your time at the property has impacted you and your group. We encourage group members and leader to post images or videos of their experience on Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag #therefugegc to share your experiences.

Retreat strategy & content resources

DISCIPLESHIP CATALYST RETREATSAn effective retreat concept that we have developed to support your ministry events.

More Resources to come...

Important documents

Below find a list of ALL the most important documents related to having a successful event!

CAMP GUIDE - Provides a one stop shop for planning ALL aspects of your event, a must read before you attend!

WAIVER FORMForm that needs to be filled out annually by all groups that attend prior to your event.

RECREATION POLICYSpecial rules that govern usage of the pool, paintball course and sledding hill.

SHOOTING RANGE POLICY - Special rules and regulations specifically for using the shooting range.

PAINTBALL GUIDERules, course details and paintball game play options.

TRAIL GUIDEA detailed description and map of all of the trails available on the property.

GOOGLE TRAIL MAPAn online map with trail information that can be used on your phone to give you location while you hike.

REFUGE PROPERTY MAPA printable terrain map with locations of interest.