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Discipleship Catalyst Retreats

initiative Overview


Here at The Refuge we want to support you in making the most out of your next ministry retreat! We believe that spiritual growth and transformation happens in many ways, but is often most effective in the context of intentional, relationships. What if your next retreat was less about formal content delivery and more about launching people into these life transforming relationships? The way Jesus was with His Disciples!

If you want to find out how to transform your retreat by embracing these principles, checkout our simple 3-Step Process below!

(Note: To learn more about what relational discipleship ministry looks like, watch the following video.)


Step 1 - Vision Casting & Training

We at The Refuge want to come alongside your ministry and cast a vision for your volunteers and leaders to leverage your existing programs and groups as a launching point for Relational Discipleship. This is not a new program or activity for your ministry, but a shift in culture and lifestyle springing from intentionality.

To accomplish this we have partnered with Life on Life Mentoring to provide free training sessions to help you make the most out of your next retreat! During these sessions we unpack the heart of what it means to disciple someone, give some practical tools and cast a vision for how to effectively put on a Discipleship Catalyst Retreat (Step 2). If you are a ministry staff member and want more information about the training, overall process and how to get your volunteer leadership team involved, please fill out the form below to request more information and get specific questions answered. We would love to hear from you!

Step 2 - Discipleship Catalyst Retreat

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We know that in our busy and fast paced world it is hard to build relationships and engage in life on life discipleship. To address this we have developed a simple Retreat Framework, called “Discipleship Catalyst Retreats” (DCR). The essence of these retreats is that they focus on developing discipleship relationships in addition to the traditional retreat content. It is our hope and prayer that these retreats will be a launching point for countless new and existing discipleship relationships!

To find out more: Download our “DCR Guide” and book your own DCR today, by reviewing our retreat calendar for available dates and filling out this Booking Request form.

Step 3 - Do Life Together!

God's grace to Derince & Eric through a Life on Life Mentoring relationship.

It is our hope and prayer that the discipleship relationships formed at the Retreat don’t stop there. We see DCRs as a means to an end, a launching point or catalyst for your ministry leaders and volunteers to continue walking alongside someone else, encouraging their spiritual growth!

Checkout this video and be inspired for what this could look like in your ministry. Additionally, if you want more training and resources you can contact Life on Life Mentoring or countless books and other ministries that can help you embrace a discipleship culture and help fulfill the Great Commission!